Product Showcase: Staying Ahead of the Game in a Highly Competitive Market

By John Voket

Sara Driscoll and her partner Daryl Petsch began working together in San Diego 22 years ago after establishing themselves in the Denver real estate market three years earlier.

Driscoll says one or the most useful tools keeping her on top of her game in a highly competitive market is Showing Suite™.

The all-in-one real estate productivity software is designed to help real estate agents, teams, and real estate offices by automating time-consuming tasks like the showing feedback process, allowing prospects to schedule showings via the agent’s website or MLS, and employing email marketing to communicate with both clients and incoming leads.

Driscoll and Petsch have been loyal to the developers of Showing Suite, and have built their pattern of success on several of the software features.

“We used it when it was Home Feedback, so we’ve been growing with the company for six or seven years,” says Driscoll. “I love the idea of my sellers getting feedback directly from the showing agent and their buyers in regard to showings. That way I don’t get so many ‘What do you mean my house is too dark?’ kind of comments. The feedback is coming straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and I think sellers are much more willing to accept it then.”

Driscoll doesn’t really blame the sellers though.

“It’s a little like parents defending their children,” she says. “They don’t see the shortcomings in their own home.”

Driscoll likes the fact that when a property on her system changes in price or falls out of escrow, Showing Suite can help her blast information to everybody who has shown the property in about 30 seconds.

“The response to that is overwhelming—I immediately get more showings for properties going back on the market, and I get calls and emails from people thanking me for being so considerate to let them know about it—even if they’re not interested.”

Showing Suite also gives Driscoll an advantage when working with new clients. “When an agent sells a home, other homeowners in the neighborhood see that the sale has been completed successfully, encouraging them to get off the fence and call about listing their home,” says Driscoll. “When I meet with these sellers, I can show them all the agents who have shown our other listings and explain that we can notify each of them immediately so they will know as soon as the home is listed.”

When she opens up new listings, Driscoll offers a prize awarded through a drawing for all the agents who show up. A bonus prize is awarded to an agent who completes an instant Showing Suite survey, the results of which are immediately made available to the seller.

“That way if we’re testing the market, we have a much better idea about what eight, 10 or 20 other agents think about the asking price. It also provides great information for the seller, especially early-on.”

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